CTET 4th Practice Paper - S.ST. - (ENGLISH)

CTET 4th Practice Paper - S.ST. - (ENGLISH)
CTET 4th Practice Paper - S.ST. - (ENGLISH)

4th Practice Paper of S.St in Hindi

2nd Practice Paper of S.St in English

3rd Practice Paper of S.St in English

5th Practice Paper of S.St in English

Fiends, This is the Fourth Practice Paper of S.ST. for the students who are waiting for CTET - 2017 exam. These questions are also repeated many times in CTET. You Check your answers by click on button given at the bottom. No need to download. If you have any suggestion then pleeeeease share with me by type comment.Best Of Luck.

Q1 - In nuclear power plants, electricity is generated through the process of

Q2 - 'Blackfoot Indian' is a

Q3 - Wind actions create 'Mushroom rocks' which are usually found in

Q4 - Vultures in the Indian sucontinent started dying of kidney failure shorly after scavenging livestock treated with

Q5 - Plantations, a type of commercial farming, require a large amount of

Q6 - Most suitable statement about Biosphere is

Q7 - Which one of the following is a 'Palaeolithic site'?

Q8 - More than 80% of the population of the world lives in

Q9 - Who led the Anti-British moveent in Kittoor?

Q10 - Which one of the following is true about classical dances?

Q11 - At which place it was a general practice to lay the dead with head towards North?

Q12 - What is 'Maloca'?

Q13 - Which of the following called 'lungs' of the earth?

Q14 - Hiranya-garbha ritual was performed

Q15 - Nath literature is associated with

Q16 - The Apache and the Crow are

Q17 - Who amongst the following could not be a member of a Sabha as laid down in the inscriptions from Uttaramerur in Chingleput district of Tamilnadu?

Q18 - 'Manigramam' and 'Nariadesi' were

Q19 - The book, Stri-Purush Tulana, which is based on criticism of the social difference between men and women, was authored by which of the following scholars?

Q20 - The apostle of Christ, St. Thomas is believed to have come in

Q21 Which of the following is not a Harappan site?

Q22 - Which industry is often called backbone of modern industries?

Q23 - In an inscription, a Delhi Sultan is said to have been cosen by the God because he had the qualities like Moses and Solomon. Who was that Delhi Sultan?

Q24 - Bharata was a group of people mentioned in the Rigveda. They lived in

Q25 - Suppose the prescribed Social Science textbook is difficult for the students. What will you do?

Q26 - Which one of the following is not a component of maps?

Q27 - Which one of the following grasslands is the homeland of Native Americans?

Q28 - The innermost layer of the Earth is mainly made up of

Q29 - "On 21st March and 23rd September, the whole Earth experiences equal days and nights." This is because

Q30 - In which revenue settlement during the East India Company's rule, was the village headman made responsible to collect revenue and pay it to the company?

Structure and content of CTET 2017

All questions in CTET test will be Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), each carrying one mark, with four alternatives out of which one answer will be correct. There will be no negative marking.

There will be two papers of CTET.

i) Paper I will be for a person who intents to be a teacher for classes I to V.
ii) Paper II will be for a person who intents to be a teacher for classes VI to VIII.

Minimum Qualifying Marks in CTET 2017 Exam

To qualify the CTET 2017 exam, the candidates will have to secure the minimum qualifying marks. The minimum qualifying marks has been fixed by the Board.

> Candidates securing 60% or more will be declared CTET qualified.
> Candidates who will clear the exam will be issued CTET qualifying certificate. The Certificate will be valid for appointment till seven years from the date of declaration of its result.

Details required for checking the CTET Answer Key 2017

> Roll No
> Date of Birth

CTET Answer Key 2017 - Steps to download

As CTET Answer Key 2017 will be released only in the online mode and therefore, it is should be know the procedure of downloading. The answer key will be available in pdf format hence download it as accordingly. Step be step process is described here:
> The candidate can visit the link given in the post so as to proceed further.
> Find the answer key related link in the column of latest news and select to open.
> Download the CTET Answer Key 2017 as according to the set and paper.
> Compare the answers in the answer key with the answers in OMR sheet.

CTET Answer Key 2017 - Steps to use

Downloading the Answer Key 2017 of CTET is not enough the candidate must know the procedure to use the answer key. For the candidate's sake of convenience, the description of the process of answer key is given here.

> First is to obtain the answer key by downloading it.
> Check the no options the candidates have marked correctly in the exam.
> Compare the answers in the Answer Key of CTET 2017 as per the test booklets with one in the OMR sheet.
> For each correct answer, the candidates will be provided 1 mark.
> As there is no negative marking hence no marks will be deducted for wrong answers.
> Calculate the total marks. These marks are the estimated score.

Calculation of marks from CTET Answer Key 2017

Candidates after checking the Answer Key of CTET 2017 can calculate an estimated score in the exam. The Candidates should calculate the marks in the following method:

> Candidates should check the responses marked by them correctly in the exam.
> For every correct response, the candidates will get 1 mark.

There is no negative marking in the CTET exam.

CTET Answer Key 2017 - Advantages

Several benefits are associated with the CTET Answer Key 2017. The answer key is the extremely useful document for the candidates. Some of the advantages of the answer key are listed here:

> It is helpful in estimating the marks in the exam paper.
> The candidates can come to know that whether they are in the recruitment race or left out.
> The candidate can make the rough approximation of his rank in the rank list.
> Last but not the least, the CTET Answer Key 2017 is beneficial to eradicate the stress of marks from the mind of the candidates.


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