Advertising and Advertisements

Advertisement is a promotional tool. It is used to promote ideas, goods and services.
Advertising and Advertisements

Advertisement is a promotional tool. It is used to promote ideas, goods and services. Its purpose is to appeal to a particular audience called customer by the advertiser.

An advertisement is usually done through various media such as magazines, journals, newspapers, television, radio, hoardings, posters, banners and Internet (top in the list). The technique of advertisement is chosen according to the need of the people, suitable for the product and within the limitation of the budget. The purpose is to reach the public as fast as possible and communicate information about the product so that the consumer may be persuaded to buy that particular object, good service or product.

Advertisement can reach more people, a bigger audience, a wider market, living in different parts of the world. An advertisement is possible only through a selected media. In the process of selecting an appropriate media, certain factors have to be considered such as :

  • The size of the audience
  • The reach of the media
  • The target market for a product
  • The cost of advertisement
  • The volume of sales

Advantages of Advertisement

Advertisement influences our lifestyle. We change our taste, style and preferences after seeing an advertisement. Most of the things we buy, eat and drink are decided after seeing the advertisement. Advertisement helps in promoting the qualities of a product. It also tries to help customers to understand the differentiation of the product which helps in giving recognition for a product. Advertisement appeals to our emotions. It inspires and influences us in many ways.

How are advertisements created

Advertisement copies are created by agencies. The agency consists of people with creative ideas and other effective methods to launch the new products. This team first develops a propaganda for a new product. They give a name to the product, then create visuals to bring out the features of the product after which they choose the target people. The product is tested on them followed by a feed back. Once they find the test successful then they choose the media through which advertisement is launched.

Advertisements also fail how and why

Advertisement is the easiest and most economical means of tapping the wide market, but all advertisements may not be successful. It may fail because of the following reasons:

  • Lack of consistent advertising policy
  • Making exaggerated claims which make people lose confidence
  • Unimpressive appeals
  • Wrong layout of advertisement designs
  • Selecting wrong medium
  • It indirectly increases the price of the product by adding the cost of advertisement.

Advantages of Advertising

  • It helps the producer in promoting sales.
  • The social advertisements bring awareness e.g., about global warming.
  • The social advertisements try to bring equality in society e.g., promoting girl education.

Disadvantages of Advertising

  • Some advertisements mislead the consumers by exaggerating the qualities of a product.
  • Some advertisements emotionally blackmail the target audience specially mothers, wives etc.
  • The advertising is basically to sell branded products, the small shopkeepers suffer.
  • The people from weaker sections of a society feel neglected because the advertisements show the lifestyle of the rich and affluent in the society.

To conclude, advertising can give beneficial results, it can also impact individuals and the society negatively. So, the government should ban obscene advertisements.

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