Pokemon Go : Latest news and features

I edit my post to add a latest news about Pokemon Go. NOW, A POKEMON GO BASED COLLEGE COURSE IN US. A college in the US is offering a physical education class based on the popular developed reality game Pokemon Go that will help students earn course credits. This course will teach by Oliver Germond, women's soccer coach. He plans to mix elements of the game into a fitness course focused on walking, running and other basic cardiovascular workouts.

Germond said : "It is a fun way of making a fitness class work and attracting more students to physical fitness."

Friends in a few days Pokemon Go has become the choice of all. We all have downloaded this game into our mobile or tab, and who is left will come early in this category. 

This game allows players to find and catch Pokemon in their own neighborhoods. Pokemon Go stole the hearts of players around the world. Developer Niantic released a big update this week. The latest Pokemon Go update for Android includes a welcome return for battery saver mode, but only for iOS devices.

Users of the Android app can upgrade to version 0.33.0 and iphone owners can get iOS version 1.3.0.

The new update Includes :

A player safety warning for those who traveling or walking above a certain speed, A text box appears to remind users not to play. It's really a good improvement in this update.

Battery saver mode which was reportedly buggy for many players and it was a big problem for users. So, they fixed whatever was wrong with the battery saver mode.

User can now change their nickname only one time. So, choose your nickname wisely.

Made improvements to the accuracy of a curveball throw.

So, these are some major improvements in this update. Keep an eye on my blog to know the next update. If you like this post, don't forget to share it on Facebook and Twitter.


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