Can we use other program with Google AdSense ?

Can we use Google AdSense and any other revenue Increase program simultaneously?

Friends If you have or want to apply a AdSense account for you Blog or Website then you also think about other options too to generate more revenue. That time you have a question in your mind : 

Can we use any other program with Google AdSense ?

The answer is yes, Why not ? Because Google AdSense clearly write it's all polices and clear that :

"You are welcome to display Google ads on the same site or page as other third party advertisements provided that the formatting or colors of the third party ads is different enough from that of the Google ads." (from Google AdSense)

So, you can use Ads of third party but place them at separate place and with separate format from which users can surely differentiate between AdSense and other party Ads.

Now a other question arise in your mind : 

Which program or network can use alongside AdSense to boost earnings?

There are many programs or networks that you can use alongside AdSense but I give you only a one option because about others I write in my next post friends : ) So, that one option is Affilliate Program.

What is an Affiliate Program ?

Affiliate program is good option to gain from your website or blog. If you tired to apply for account of AdSense but every time receive mail :

Thank you for your interest in Google AdSense. Unfortunately, after reviewing your application , we're unable to accept you into AdSense at this time.

Then apply for Affiliate program. It is just like marketing in which you refer someone or attract someone to click and buy any online product. When that person buy the product on clicking the ad which you show in your blog or website through the third party then you receive a commission. Affiliate programs paying you a commission for a sale therefor it's also know as Pay Per Sale. This commission varies depending on the product you are promoting.

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How to Start It ?

I share some of the best Affiliate programs. You can join all of them or choose best according to your taste and style (blog or website). So Let's start :

  • Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon Affiliate Program - GainByBlog

It's easy and free to join. if you have a large network, content site or blogger, Amazon has simple linking tools to meet your advertising needs and help you monetize your website. Earn advertising fees from purchases.      

Amazon Ads Fee - GainByBlog

  • AdsOptimal

AdsOptimal - GainByBlog

Many sites do not pay attention to mobile features. AdsOptimal is specially designed and optimized for mobile sites. AdsOptimal pay in US dollar currency. You can request a payout when you reach $50 minimum balance.       

  • Infolinks

Infolinks - GainByBlog

Infolinks offering ad solutions for both publishers and advertisers. Online bloggers and website owners monetize their websites with Infolinks while keeping the look and feel of their sites undesturbed. Infolinks does not work with fixed CPM rates.   

  • Media.Net

Media.Net - GainByBlog

Very easy to use and integrate. Search ads bought by advertisers on a cost per click (CPC) pricing model.

  • RevenueHits

RevenueHits - GainByBlog

RevenueHits help publishers to generate more revenues with state of the art Contextual and Geo targeted Ad serving technology. Some publishers enjoy a ratio of up to 30$ CPM while others make only few cents with their traffic.

  • Adversal

Adversal - GainByBlog

Payments are made 35 days after the end of the month (excluding weekends). The minimum payment is $20.

  • Chitika

Chitika - GainByBlog

Chitika does not measure unique users, it measures overall Web usage. It's means that if a user views ten pages that contain Chitika code, they will register ten ad impressions.     ( https://www.chitika.com/ )

That's all friends now you can join all of them or choose best according to your taste and style.

: ) Bonus tip for you : Mostly Affiliate programs have Referral Affiliate Program Policies.

You share or add your referral link to your site and enjoy extra revenue when new publishers sign up using your link. Earn upto 10% of the revenue from all the sites you refer for 12 months.

No - No - No friends above links are not referral links really I Swear.

I just want to share this information with you. Please feel free to ask any questions regarding Affiliate Program through comments.

Best of Luck friends!


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